Although dentistry has come such a long way with fillings, crowns, dental implants and many other advancements, this has not necessarily stopped tooth decay. People are certainly more aware now of what it takes to prevent cavities, however here are some foods are better for our

teeth than others and it is important to know what these are, particularly some that we believe are better for us than we think.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruit is great for our overall health, especially since it is so high in vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. The issue with many citrus fruits, like lemons and grapefruits is that they are highly acidic and can damage the tooth enamel if consumed too frequently. Generally oranges are much less acidic than lemons.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is something that many people consider to be quite healthy, the issue with it is not the fruit itself, but the amount of sugar and acidity of the fruit used. This packs a bit of a double punch when combining these two factors, as the acidity can weaken the enamel and the sugar can cause plaque and bacteria in the mouth.

Fruit juice should be consumed in low quantities in order to take advantage of the health benefits and to keep your teeth happy.

Be careful of fruit drinks, which contain only a small amount of fruit juice and come in very similar packaging to fruit juice as these usually contain added sugar, which can further cause a build up of plaque and bacteria in the mouth.

Chewy sweets

Sticky or chewy sweets are one of the worst kinds when it comes to your teeth, an example of this is caramel or liquorice. The reason for this is that they stick to your teeth and also get stuck in between your teeth and these usually have an extremely high amount of sugar. This can cause bacteria and acid which will eat away at the teeth and cause cavities.

Sweets that are sweet, sour and chewy should be avoided because of the cumulative effect of these three things on the teeth. Firstly the sugar will cause plaque to form; secondly the acids used to create the sour flavour will wear down the tooth enamel and make your mouth prone to cavities; and thirdly the chewy texture will cause the problems described above.

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3 Things to Avoid to Prevent Tooth Decay