Are you in need of filling in a gap in your teeth? Perhaps you had to have an extraction of some kind due to rot or other problems and you want to have the appearance of a full set of teeth. When gaps are at the back it’s not quite so bad, but if they’re in the front they can look unappealing and cause embarrassment as well as being self conscious about smiling. Here are a couple of ways you can have gaps filled in your teeth so you can have the best smile on the block. 


Braces are one of the most traditional ways to fill gaps in teeth if they’re fairly small and due to there being large amounts of ‘natural’ space in the mouth, natural space meaning that teeth are smaller than normal or that the jaw is larger so there are a number of gaps throughout. Gaps can sometimes occur in between the front two teeth – something many find can be a spot of low confidence, so braces through the likes of cosmetic dentist Northampton is a great idea to help regain your confidence.


Bridges are needed when there are a couple of missing teeth in one area. Usually they are done towards the back of the mouth more than at the front as the nature of the bridge can be slightly unnatural looking when sat next to natural teeth. Suspended between two nearby healthy teeth, the bridge is cemented into place and features a number of false teeth to give the impression of a full set. They can be faster to put in place than implants, as well as cheaper, but the final look can be slightly unnatural.


Implants are the best (albeit most expensive) way to get that smile looking amazing. A dental surgeon will perform a procedure to place a metal post in the jawbone for a false tooth to eventually placed onto. The healing time can take about six months, but the results are fantastic and extremely natural looking – most people can never tell that it’s a dental implant. If this is an option you want to explore, visit Cliftonville Dental at their office, 65 The Avenue Cliftonville Northampton.

So if you’ve been looking for a great way to make that smile shine again, consider having some cosmetic style dental surgery completed to help close gaps and create the ultimate in smiles. So what will you choose? What works best for you? We’d love to hear from you!

Braces, Implants, Bridges and More – Which Are Best For Your Needs?