The most unique place in the world of course has the most unique facts, many of which a lot of people have no idea about. You might be thinking about how to get to Antarctica and why is it so special, so read on to find out more about this totally unique continent.

It is actually a desert

This sounds completely shocking, but it is actually true, a place with the most potential moisture in the world is actually a desert and this makes me want to research how to get to Antarctica. Of course it also happens to be the largest desert on earth too. This is possible because the rainfall is extremely low and the Sahara Desert actually receives more rain each year than Antarctica. As you can imagine deserts aren’t just places that are hot and sandy!


Many people can of course imagine that Antarctica is cold, but very people can actually put this into perspective. It does happen to be the coldest place on earth with a temperature of -89 degrees Celsius recorded there! There is no typical vegetation other than lichen, mosses and algae, which are the only things that can survive here. Only the male Emperor penguin lives on the continent during the extremely harsh winter, with all other animals moving away until the temperatures are more habitable.

It is huge

Of course Antarctica doesn’t get much attention because it is at the bottom of the map and you probably hardly even notice it. In reality it is unbelievably big and to give you a little bit of perspective it is even bigger than Europe! Most Europeans of course might think it is a long way from the top of France to the bottom of Spain, but this is nothing in comparison to Antarctica.

What timezone?

One interesting fact that you probably didn’t know about this wonderful place is that unlike everywhere else in the world, it actually has no timezone. Of course this itself would make no difference if it did, because Antarctica experiences over twenty hours of sunlight each day in summer, and total darkness during the winter.

Interesting plants

Of course the plant life on Antarctica is extremely limited and it isn’t hard to see why, no plants would really like to live there, especially with the darkness and cold conditions. Antarctica does, however, have some unique plant life in the form of algae, moss and lichen. These are the only things that are hardy enough to survive there.

Unbelievable amount of ice

Antarctica has an incredible 26.5 million cubic kilometres of ice that covers roughly 14 million square kilometres, which equates to approximately 61 percent of freshwater on earth! If all the ice were to melt, the sea level across the entire earth would rise by about 58 metres! Of course this as good a reason as any to preserve this amazing place.

What You Didn’t Know About Antarctica: Facts
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