Many of the uses people put garden rooms like those from Green Retreats to are based around things like office work and other adult pastimes.

But that doesn’t mean that only grown-ups can benefit from having a garden room like this, of course!

Children of any age could gain the benefit of these sorts of space – and there are ways of developing such spaces to meet the needs of youngsters at various stages of their lives.


When you have a toddler on your hands, it doesn’t only take up all your time – it can take over your house! If you want to try and keep toys and games stored in certain spaces, a garden room could help.

It could provide a playroom where you can supervise your little boy or girl in whatever activities they fancy.

That might just mean having lots of their toys in the space, with somewhere good to put them away and plenty of room for the child to enjoy them.

But you could potentially even set the space out a little like a nursery school if you wanted to, with a low table for doing craft and art activities and a play corner. Maybe even a wendy house?


When kids are getting more independent, a garden room is a great option to allow them their own recreational space that’s still a stone’s throw away and means they can easily be supervised.

Of course, kids themselves would probably be best placed to tell you what they would like in the room, but options might include a games console area and beanbags for relaxing on with their friends.

How about a table tennis table that would allow them to have a fun competition after school, too? As long as the garden room if big enough, this won’t be a problem!


Teens will likely be looking for something similar in their garden room as tweens and might be able to come up with ideas for the spaces more independently from their parents, compared with their younger counterparts.

A cinema room is one of the brilliant garden room options that this age group might particularly like. With a swanky home cinema to themselves, they’ll be able to chill out with friends watching the latest great film. Options could include adding space to store their DVDs, for example, with great audio visual equipment a must.

Parents could use the room too, whenever they fancy watching a film or two.

Older children and teens don’t just have to use garden rooms as places for recreation, though.

It could be that a room like this would make the perfect spot for doing a spot of homework. A study for your son or daughter could help them make the best of their school days and when they leave home, it could become a place they do their uni work during the holidays, for example, or converted into a garden office for mum or dad.

Garden rooms: Great for kids!
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