bad breath

Nobody wants to have breath and that is a fact. Bad breath can have a serious effect on your self-esteem as well as a negative effect on any person that you deal with, so it is important to understand what causes bad breath and this will help you to combat the issue itself.


One of the main things that people with issues with bad breath must think about is their diet. You should eat a healthy and balanced diet that is low in sugar, because sugar greatly contributes to a build up of bacteria in the mouth and the main cause of bad breath is this bacteria.

Remember that some foods can have a very strong odour and this includes things like garlic, so it is important to consider how much of these you consume.

Drinking Water

Consuming water regularly is a great way to clear the mouth of excess bits of food, as well as bacteria and plaque, particularly because it reaches basically every part of the mouth possible. Rinsing your mouth is also a good way to do this, so you should either drink water or rinse your mouth after snacks or meals.

Ensure your toothbrush is clean

You should make sure that you clean your toothbrush regularly by regular rinsing or soaking in water and you can use boiling water to kill anything left on the bristles.  You should also make sure that your toothbrush is always stored in an upright position so that it can dry, if you do not do this you give the bacteria left on the bristles a wet environment to multiply in.

Dental hygiene regime

Doing the basics, like brushing and flossing, correctly will help to prevent and reduce the severity of bad breath. You should brush at least twice a day and floss a few times each week. Flossing can be particularly important because food that becomes stuck in between the teeth can stay to decay in your mouth and cause some serious odours that would contribute heavily to bad breath

Use mouthwash

Just like rinsing your mouth, mouthwash can be a really effective way of clearing all parts of the mouth from excess food, bacteria and plaque, especially because it contains fluoride to protect the teeth and chemicals to kill the bacteria. It is also great for reaching places in the mouth that brushing and flossing cannot.

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