Of all the methods most people use to keep their mouth healthy – brushing, flossing, going to the dentist regularly – we guarantee that none are as fun as eating. Did you know that you can actually use your diet and the foods you choose to improve your oral health and prevent cavities? So next time you go for a check up from the dentist, make sure you get a clean bill of health by following these tips.


Drink more water

You’ve probably heard this tip from your doctor and nearly every health article you read online, but it’s for a good reason! Water is what our body needs the most, and most people aren’t drinking enough. When it comes to your mouth, water is needed to help flush away bacteria and help your mouth replenish its saliva.

Eat more raw veggies

Crunchy foods are great for your teeth and for preventing cavities. All that extra chewing you must do to break down raw veggies produces more saliva in your mouth. This saliva is what cleanses your mouth and kills bacteria, not allowing it the time to grow and cause decay. Plus, you know that raw veggies are great for your overall health as well!

Skip the soda

If you’re a soda drinker, it’s time to step away. All that sugar is likely causing decay as we speak. The same can go for any sugary beverages – yes, including juice. If you really must have your juice, then at least dilute half of it with water to cut the sugar content, and drink it through a straw to keep it away from your teeth.

Floss after eating

We know this isn’t so much of a diet tip, but it’s so important to remember to floss your teeth after you’ve had food. When you don’t, the food particles get stuck in between the teeth and start to cause decay, even right away. Just take 2 minutes after eating to take care of that and you’ll get a clean bill of health at your next dentist appointment!

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How to use your Diet to Keep Cavities Away