So you have decided on becoming a nurse which is a very diverse and rewarding job full of challenges making this a very good career choice, in general terms nursing is a profession  in the health care system who’s main focus is the care of individuals, families and the community as a whole. However there are many kinds of nursing jobs available within the HNS and you will have to choose what kind of nurse you want to be before entering nursing college, with each role offering its own unique challenges with in the nursing profession, from adult nurses to mental health nurses. So what kind of nurses are they and what are their roles in the health care system.images (5)

Adult Nurses

Adult nurses work with young and old adults with any number of health conditions both chronic and acute, there main priorities are caring, counselling and managing their patient’s health issues making them more comfortable whilst in there care, Generally an adult nurse will work on a hospital ward.

Children’s Nurse

Like an adult nurse but who’s main concern is the health and wellbeing of children, problems with a child’s health differs from those of adults due to the fact that a child’s health can affect  the development of the child into adulthood, so specialised training in this area allows children nurses quickly identify problems .

Mental Health Nurse

It is said that as many as 1 in 3 people suffer from mental health issues. So nurses who choose this nursing profession train in a wide range of mental health issues from organic brain disorders to substance abuse problems. They work closely with Doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists to offer the best treatment for patients with mental health disorders.

Neonatal Nurse

Neonatal nurses work closely with new born babies who are premature or sick. Respiratory problems often affect premature babies so these kinds of nurses have specialised training in making sure ill new-borns have the best start in life.

These are just a few different nursing jobs available, however there are many more specialized nurse jobs available such as district nurses, mid-wives and school nurses, and with Nurses currently in high demand across Britain and especially nurse jobs in London, whatever nursing profession you choose you will be playing a very important role in society.

Nursing roles