Helping your child to maintain their oral health is one of the greatest life lessons that you can give as a parent. This will hopefully prevent your child from having any major dental issues throughout the life of your child and they will surely thank you in years to come. Read on to find out some important aspects of oral health for your child.

Technique is everything

Milk teeth/baby teeth

This is the first set of teeth, which your child will have and will ultimately lose, and is an important set of teeth for your child to practice on before they get the set they will carry for the rest of their lives. The normal logic here is that this set of teeth is not important and does not need to be maintained well because the child will definitely lose these teeth, the reality is that this set will be the one that teaches the child long term habits from a young age. This will make it easier to maintain a better oral hygiene regime throughout their life.

One issue that will occur if these teeth are not maintained is that a child may have to have teeth removed and this may create a negative view of dentists and will create a bad association. This will make it hard to incorporate regular visits to the dentist into their routine.


Brushing is something that you should supervise until you know that your child is competent in doing this by themself. You should show your child that they need to reach all surfaces of the teeth in order to keep them clean, they should use only a small amount of toothpaste and should rinse thoroughly once they are finished.

They should also brush for a minimum of two minutes and a great way to get them to brush for this long is to play them a song that they like that goes for at least two minutes, or better still make up your own!

Visiting the dentist

Taking your child to the dentist is another important step in maintaining optimal oral health. They should view the dentist as a person that will help them and not the enemy, and one of the best things you can do is to find a dentist that specialises in children, these dentists are people that are very good with children in general and can make them feel much more comfortable about visiting the dentist.

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Oral health for your child