Babies are adorable, ok when they are not crying and throwing tantrums, when they give you that toothless smile and chuckle that strange language that only they can understand they just melt your heart and you just want to hold them and protect them from this cruel world.

Baby Girl Portrait

Anyway, when a baby comes there are many things that come up but the most important is to let this baby start its life spiritually and this is when you think about christening. This special occasion in your child’s life requires you to choose the right christening outfit for your baby so they can be comfortable and fashionable on this grand day, especially following the grand occasion of Baby George, the future King of England! Here are several tips to consider when picking the right ensemble:

  • Buy within your budget;

After determining how much you want to spend on the outfit then you can easily narrow down your choices by picking outfits that are within your budget range. Keep in mind that this is a one day occasion outfit and the baby is the center of attention not the ceremony.

  • Shop around for the most reasonable price:

With the internet services, shopping has never been easier; you are able to compare the price of the same outfit from different online stores by just the click of a button which is easier and time saving if you had to walk from one departmental store to the next and then coming back.

  • Choose comfort over fashion.

We all know how babies react when they are not comfortable, they scream endlessly and we do not want this to happen on this special day, so choose an outfit with suitable material that won’t irritate the baby’s skin. So having that as your guideline you can now choose the right outfit depending on your own taste and religious beliefs.

  • Consider the climate before shopping;

If the christening is scheduled during summer then choose loose fitting outfit that will be comfortable with the baby and if the weather is chilly then opt for warmer outfits.

  • Choose the right color:

The color of the outfit is definitely important; while in the past most christening outfits were in plain white only, nowadays several colors have been incorporated and we are seeing different trends. Choose a color that best suits your baby if your religion allows for other colors other than white.

  • It is not that much of a big deal;

The best way to go about this occasion is not to create a mountain out of a mole hill, this is not a life time event, it is but a once in a lifetime occasion and the best you can do is not to make a big deal out of it. Though it is just a one day event it and is special it should not render you sleepless nights. Just focus on your little bundle of joy and their comfort and everything will turn out absolutely fine.



Picking the Perfect Christening Outfit For Your Baby