Making sure that your teeth are in good condition is a necessary part of your daily routine. If you wish to prevent common oral problems such as tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, plaque and tartar build up and halitosis, or bad breath, then good dental hygiene is essential. However, the simple task of brushing your teeth and flossing everyday is not enough and a regular visit to your dentist is something that everyone should be considering.


Bancroft Dentistry is a private clinic located in Hitchen, Hertfordshire, and provides a wide range of dental services, from general treatments to specialised cosmetic dentistry, to suit everybody’s needs.

General Treatments

Besides taking care of usual check-ups, with three highly experienced dental hygienists on the premises, Bancroft Dentistry will make sure that your mouth is always in great condition. Visiting the hygienist regularly offers a number of benefits. Besides leaving you with a great feeling mouth, it also acts as a preventative measure and can help to alleviate future complications, such as gum disease, a condition not often recognised until it is too late.

Bancroft dentistry also provides a range of other general treatments including root canal treatments, white natural looking fillings and a range of state-of-the-art dentures.

Cosmetic Services

Whether it’s having a tooth crowned, your teeth whitened or replacing a lost tooth, Bancroft Dentistry’s highly professional team can take expert care of you and give you back a great confident looking smile.

Using the most up-to-date implant systems, and after a free consultation with their resident professional implant specialist, you can decide exactly what treatment is the best for you. Implants have many applications and are mainly used to replace lost teeth or secure dentures, support bridges and crowns, and they can also be used to close gaps between teeth.

Other treatments offered by the clinic include invisible braces, a revolutionary new technology that removes the need for the common visible steel braces of old. In fact, it will appear to people that you are not even wearing them, and another advantage of invisible braces is that the procedure is less invasive as previous ones. Bancroft Dentistry can also provide you with teeth veneer’s, bridges and inlays.

With their highly skilled, professional staff, and calm relaxed atmosphere, there are no other dentists in Hitchen to consider. Bancroft Dentistry can be found at the address below.



Bancroft Dentistry

7 Bancroft Court




Regular dental visits are essential for everyone
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