People often wonder how to best take care of their teeth and the answer is simple, do all the things you need to do maintain your teeth, such as brushing, flossing and using mouthwash, but do these things correctly. There are many small things that you can do to maximise the effectiveness of how you manage and care for your teeth and we will go through some of these things in this article.

Technique is everything


Brushing is the foundation for any good dental health regime. It doesn’t matter whether you use a manual or electric toothbrush, when you brush it is best to focus on reaching all areas of the mouth as best as you can, think about the shape of your teeth and identify areas that you think may be a problem, your dentist or hygienist will also be able to help you with this.

It is also a really good idea to keep your toothbrush clean and this can be done by putting it into boiling water once a week to remove any excess toothpaste, plaque and bacteria. You would never use a dirty brush to paint with so why would you use an unclean toothbrush.


Flossing is another great way to maintain your teeth and gums. The best thing to do when using dental floss is to make sure that you clear not only between your teeth but also just underneath your gum line. This does not need to be a painful experience and if you move the floss underneath the gum line and gently lift it will help to remove the plaque and bacteria


Rinsing your mouth with a mouth rinse of wash can be very effective way to help maintain the levels of bacteria in your mouth because the liquid can reach places that are not possible to reach by brushing or flossing. As a result you will need to make sure that the liquid reaches all parts of your mouth and teeth, remember that there are other areas in your mouth where plaque and bacteria can accumulate.

Another great tip when using mouthwash is to avoid rinsing, eating or drinking for at least half an hour after using the mouthwash, this will provide time for your teeth to benefit from the fluoride contained in the mouthwash.

Don’t hesitate to contact your dentist or hygienist if you need some help with your dental health and techniques.

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Technique is everything