You may not have made a connection between what you eat and how healthy your teeth are, but believe us, there is a strong link. You can easily improve the health of your mouth or wreak total havoc through the foods you choose – so why not make them good ones? We have put together a list of some of the best foods you can choose to keep your teeth healthy and strong.


Nuts and seeds

You may have heard that nuts and seeds are part of a healthy, well-rounded diet for their fat content and protein, but they’re also great for your teeth. Sesame seeds in particular are high in calcium which fortifies the teeth, and cashew nuts have been shown to have microbe-fighting properties, which means they can help keep bacteria at bay.

Raw fruits and veggies

Not only are raw fruits and veggies a great choice for glowing skin and radiant health, but they’re also going to help your teeth become healthy. This is because you must produce a lot of saliva when chewing to break them down, and this saliva is what your mouth uses to wash itself out and replenish – preventing bacteria from forming. And eating raw fruits instead of processed sugars is going to be a great choice for your teeth as well.


If you love milk and cheese, consider yourself lucky because these are approved foods for a healthy mouth diet! Dairy products can reduce acidity, which can prevent corrosion of the teeth over time. They are also safe to enjoy without worry of decay, because the sugars in milk won’t have the same effect on your teeth as processed sugar will. Enjoy yogurt instead of ice cream for the lower sugar content!

Sweet potatoes

The high amount of Vitamin A found in sweet potatoes is great for forming your teeth and the tooth enamel, as well as promoting your gums to heal and stay healthy. You can also find good amounts of Vitamin A in carrots, pumpkin and broccoli. Try making a stew or soup using any or all of these veggies for an extra Vitamin A boost! It’s also great for your eyes and your overall health!

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The Best Foods for Healthy Teeth