One of the time-honored traditions among families is to have a reunion that brings together relatives from near and far. No matter how big or small your family is, or how long you have all been apart, planning a family reunion is a detail oriented task that requires careful preparation to ensure everything runs smooth and all your family members have a good time. It’s not easy getting together cousins, grandparents, nephews and other relatives for a celebratory party so the sooner you start planning the better. It’s always a good idea to keep a checklist that will help you organize the important details including the event facility, catering and transportation. With your checklist in hand you can get started on planning a family reunion that will be remembered for years to come.

You may think you know your family but you’d be surprised just how extensive your family tree grows. When you set out to plan a family reunion it’s best to contact relatives who know the family history and can recall long lost aunts and uncles that you may have forgotten. If this is going to be a large gathering with cousins and in-laws then you will want to start planning at least a year in advance. You want to provide ample time to locate everyone and give them enough lead time to arrange for travel. Now is also a good time to find out if any older relatives will have special needs for traveling including wheelchairs and handicap access.

If your reunion is going to be too big for your home then a good plan is to find an event venue or banquet facility that can accommodate the size of your family. Many restaurants and lounges offer private rooms that are ideal for a reunion. Renting a banquet room that can offer you and your family a pleasant dining area, open bar and lounge chairs can be the perfect setting for guests to mingle, enjoy conversation and reminisce. When you know how many family members will be attending your reunion it’s a good idea to start planning tours of the event facilities you are interested in. When viewing the venue in person you get a better idea of the actual space and how you can work within it.

Tips for Planning a Family Reunion