Keeping your teeth clean is something that should come as second nature really, but for many this simple act seems to fall by the wayside, resulting in sometimes painful procedures that need to be undertaken in order to restore dental health and ensure the strength and ongoing use of the teeth. While this may sound like an easy concept, it seems to be easily forgotten. Here are just a few reasons why, when doing your daily hygiene routine, you really shouldn’t miss your teeth.

Healthy Teeth – Healthy Life

It’s no surprise that healthy teeth can be an indicator of overall health, but did you know that some preliminary studies have shown a correlation between buildup of plaque on teeth and buildups of plaque elsewhere in the body – such as in the arteries of the heart? While there needs to be more studies into the relationship between the two, current studies suggest that clogged arteries in other parts of the body could be linked to plaque on teeth – a top reason to keep them clean!

Keep Procedures At Bay

Everyone knows that things like fillings, root canals and extractions aren’t pleasant in the least, and by keeping your teeth clean and cared for you will ensure you don’t run into anything unpleasant in terms of needing any of these procedures. While a filling here or there is common, even with the cleanest of teeth, the more complex procedures can easily be avoided with regular oral hygiene as well as trips to your Chiswick dentist.

It’s Attractive

Imagine dating someone whose teeth were brown, rotting and had an odour to them. It sends shudders down your spine right? Especially the idea of kissing a mouth like that. You don’t want to be the person who has those issues either, so by keeping your teeth in top condition you won’t run the risk of being turned down at speed dating because your teeth have seen better days.

Healthy Teeth Are Forever Teeth

At the end of the day, healthy teeth are yours forever. You only get one set of full adult teeth and you want to make sure you don’t end up having to fish them out of a glass every morning as you age. Keeping your teeth in top condition through proper care, hygiene and regular trips to the dentist – as well as undergoing those dreaded procedures if necessary – can ensure you keep that pearly smile as white as can be for years to come.

So if you’ve been wondering what the point of all the oral hygiene is, now you know! With so many great reasons to keep your smile in good condition, you will never have to wonder again! Visit your Chiswick Dentist today to discuss how they can help you create the best smile possible. Pop in to see them at 

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Top Reasons To Keep Your Teeth Healthy