NetDocuments today (24 August) during ILTAON launched 任务, a collaborative task management system, and SmartView, a document preview and collaboration engine. Both new technologies will be featured during ILTA’s virtual ILTA>8月24日至28日举行的会议。

NetDocuments还宣布将过去几年投放市场的产品分为五个解决方案支架: 组织;保护;计划;传递和学习。 

而 NetDocuments首席产品官Dan Hauck 说文件仍然是法律工作的基础 他补充说:“我们的客户希望我们不仅要帮助他们查找,打开和保存文档,还要挖掘所有不同的可能性,并一路增加价值。这就是我们的解决方案所能实现的。”

You can see more details about the 任务 and SmartView functionality below.

任务 is a task management system that provides a wholistic view into everything that is important in a project/matter and provides collaboration inside a workspace for various parties who have interconnected deliverables to help users track project stages, owners, deadlines, deliverables. Core functionality includes a task board, task assignments and deadlines, color coding, sub-tasks, comments, and links to existing workspace documents. 任务 gives users a visual snapshot of their workload and project status and inspire legal teams that need a way to create checklists and track project tasks at the user-level.

SmartView 无需进行基础编辑即可启用文档协作,同时消除了文档“结帐”大战。 SmartView 通过轻松快速地预览,注释和标记文档来简化文档审核 无需将文件下载到桌面。借助SmartView,用户可以制作Margin Notes以便与同事和客户实时注释文件,并利用发现的结果快速浏览人员,地点,公司等。

您可以在ILTA与NetDocuments连接>ON – 联系NetDocuments 更多细节。