Member-based innovation hub Reinvent Law has added three more community members: contract review specialist eBrevia, the billing venture 忙灯 和 pseudonymization start-up 奈克斯.

现在,该生态系统由贝克·麦坚时(Baker McKenzie)作为独家律师事务所成员组成;博世,戴姆勒,ING和ZF Friedrichshafen的法律部门; Wolters Kluwer是知识合作伙伴,Lexemo是该中心的居民,该中心也是无代码自动化公司BRYTER的法兰克福办事处。十二家法律技术企业是社区成员,通过与Bucerius法学院等法学院以及法兰克福大学法律技术实验室和慕尼黑大学ML Tech等学生协会的牢固关系来完成。

eBrevia的 Ned Gannon, president & co-founder commented: “We are excited about our community membership at Reinvent Law. We have joined Reinvent Law as it provides us with an important platform to drive conversation with both existing 和 new customers 和 better understand their needs 和 expectations.”

Reinvent Law was founded in 2018. The hub provides a platform for exchange between law firms, legal departments, legal tech ventures 和 students. This exchange is facilitated through workshops, roundtables, hackathons 和 other event formats as well as networking between the members 和 beyond. New products are constantly being developed, new partnerships formed 和成员之间的经验交流。

“Covid-19进一步推动了法律领域的创新,” said Reinvent Law’s managing director, Daniel von Devivere. “The pandemic 和 new forms of working prove the maxim that necessity is the mother of invention in driving innovation in the legal sector.”

Baker McKenzie德国和奥地利的执行合伙人Matthias Scholz said: “我们的《重塑法》会员资格是我们全球创新战略的重要组成部分。作为独家律师事务所和创始成员,我们很高兴欢迎您 eBrevia, BusyLamp and Naix to Reinvent Law. The platform 和 ecosystem equip us with a further important tool vis-à-vis our clients 和 provide crucial insights to stay up to date with all developments in the field of legal innovation.”

eBrevia develops a contract review tool that is used by industry leaders around the world to extract information from current 和 legacy contracts, reducing due diligence time. eBrevia is using machine learning 和 natural language processing technology to automatically extract legal concepts 和 other data points from documents.

忙灯 is a corporate legal spend 和 matter management software that helps major international legal departments manage their matters 和 outside counsel costs. Used in over 100 countries, it helps legal departments save time, significantly reduce overhead 和 collaborate more effectively with inside 和 outside counsel by simplifying 和 improving their legal operations.

奈克斯 automatically anonymizes or pseudonymizes large sets of documents based on AI, NLP 和 real-world language models. Custom made review tools 和 workflow personalization speed up the redaction process. Using the software, lawyers can focus their time 和 energy on higher-level work 和 cut time on repetitive 和 tedious tasks.

In June the no code automation company BRYTER, the first resident at Reinvent Law in 2018 和 an active member in Reinvent Law’s ecosystem, announced a $16 million Series-A 融资回合,是迄今为止欧洲法律技术领域最大的投资之一。

麦可 Grupp, founder 和 CEO at BRYTER 说过:“Reinvent Law has provided us with a tremendous platform 和 really helped us to understand customers 和 client needs early on. We are happy to be part of the community 和 will further play an active role in the Reinvent Law community in the future.”