Legal engineering company SYKE has appointed Lewis 布雷特斯 to the role of chief strategy officer (CSO). Formerly a practising commercial barrister, 布雷特斯 has been consulting for SYKE since January 2019. In addition to overseeing several key customer relationships, he will now also help develop the business and provide strategic direction.

At the Commercial Bar 布雷特斯 专门从事信息和技术。他于2018年被任命为美国司法部长顾问团成员,并为中央政府,大型企业和主要零售商服务。



布雷特斯’在SYKE迅速增长和扩展的同时任命CSO职位。上个月,公司宣布任命John Buxton和Dom Burch担任业务发展总监和市场总监。 Buxton和Burch都与SYKE的创始人兼首席执行官Alistair Maiden在沃尔玛拥有的英国零售商Asda一起工作,然后Maiden于2016年离开,成立了SYKE。

布雷特斯 joins a senior team at SYKE that includes Ben Murphy (senior legal engineer) who joined from Sky Bet in October, and Adam Dessurne who was appointed as head of enterprise CLM practice in September. Adam was previously head of CLM at 4C where he grew a team specialising in contract lifecycle management.

少女说:“我们的集体使命是通过嵌入最新的创新技术来改变全球法律行业,无论是文档自动化还是更复杂的AI来动态创建新合同。通过消除不必要的任务并减少官僚主义,我们能够为公司节省资金,并让律师自由去做他们最擅长的事情– practice law.”