Legal support services consulting firm 物资&Associates,LLC宣布成功谈判凤凰城桑德伯格的多个后台服务区合同&冯·冈塔德(von Gontard P.C.),从而为该公司选择了新的外包合作伙伴,并大大改善了该公司异地记录合同的条款和条件,包括消除了永久性提款费,并改善了办公用品的定价。
In the third year of a five-year contract, Sandberg was experiencing difficulties with the Firm’s incumbent outsourcing provider. 物资was engaged to develop and manage a customized Request for Proposal (RFP) for replacing the current service provider as well as to investigate improvements in off-site records and office supplies.
在Firm and Mattern进行了冗长的审查并为现有提供商提供了进行有意义的更改的多种机会之后,Sandberg与新提供商签署了一项为期五年的外包现场支持服务合同,该条款和条件得到了大幅改善,包括如果未履行,将受到更高的罚款,对未达到服务水平协议的惩罚将增加,并且升级了每月报告工具,以及对未使用/报告的罚款。
Concurrently with the outsourcing RFP, 物资negotiated new off-site records and office supplies contracts utilizing Mattern’s benchmarks to ensure the Firm was receiving best in class pricing, terms and conditions. As a result, 物资achieved a 13% reduction in monthly costs for off-site records and the elimination of permanent withdrawal fees. For office supplies, 物资established fixed pricing and no minimum spend requirements.
Rob Mattern, President of 物资&合伙人说:“与凤凰城的桑德伯格领导层一起工作&冯·冈塔德(von Gontard),我们能够评估其当前提供商的问题,并商定可大大改善其外包业务的协议,并确保他们的服务合作伙伴对最高绩效标准负责,同时该公司还获得了一流的定价。我们对桑德伯格团队取得的成功感到高兴。”
关于 物资& Associates
物资& Associates is the leader in legal business process consulting and cost recovery solutions. They provide law firms and legal departments with unbiased strategies for measurably improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of in-house and outsourced back and middle office services. For more information on 物资&员工,请访问,查看其博客,在LinkedIn上建立联系,并在Twitter @MatternOfFact上关注他们。该公司位于宾夕法尼亚州的Chadds Ford。