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The last Orange Rag of the year is out next Wednesday 9 December, so make sure you get us all your wins, deals, moves and news by this Friday, 4 December.


CTS收购Sprout IT和City Business Solutions,以成为“法律部门的力量”

云提供商CTS已收购了两个法律专家MSP,即Sprout IT和City Business Solutions(CBS),以争取成为一个“法律部门的强国。”




Congratulations to all of the winners of the Women of Legal Tech Awards–here they are in full across the categories of Academia&Education; Entrepreneurship; In-house&Business; Professional Services; and Public Services, Politics& Social.



A legal sector-focussed cyber security summit on Monday 30 November will flag the gaps being exploited by hackers in home working arrangements. We spoke to the managing partner of summit organiser CloudyIT, David Hall, and speaker Peter Elliot from Empiric Partners, for a sneak peek into some of the tips and information they will be sharing – including the top cause of successful attacks.



Traditionally tech-averse lawyers are now wholeheartedly embracing technology, but there is a danger of moving from one extreme to the other – how do we help to guide and shape the use of and approach to technology in this new environment, asks 文斯·尼乔(Vince Neicho), president of legal services at Integreon.



The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today (24 November) handed down a $250m civil penalty against JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. for the bank’s past failure to maintain adequate internal controls and internal audit over its fiduciary business.



加拿大双双获得Epona大奖:艾伯塔省法律协会+ Perley-Robertson选择DMSforLegal

The Law Society of Alberta (Law Society), which regulates the legal profession in the province of Alberta in Canada, has implemented the Microsoft 365 Epona Matter Center and Epona DMSforLegal. Perley-Robertson, Hill&McDougall in Ottawa has also chosen Epona Solutions for email and document management, which has been in full production use since January of 2020. We understand this is an OpenText eDOCS swap out by Perley-Robertson.



Kira Systems has unveiled a differential privacy algorithm that it says will protect its clients from privacy attacks such as reverse engineering and facilitate new service delivery models thanks to sharing lawyers’knowledge in new ways.


内部观点:Caroline Hill与Verbit创始人兼首席执行官Tom Livne交谈

律解网 Insider editor in chief Caroline Hill speaks to Verbit founder and CEO Tom Livne about the hybrid AI and human-based transcription company’s $60 million Series C fundraising. We find out what Verbit’s growth plans are now and how it will expand the work it is doing in both transcribing and providing analytics on court depositions.



We bring you all the latest including news from Allen&Overy; Neota Logic; HBR Consulting; NetDocuments; and Tikit (Advanced), plus the two legaltech Time Magazine Best Inventions of 2020 and, in the financial sector, the hedge fund that has collapsed after a cyber-attack, drawing commentary from a global law firm tech head.




We were joined by Cai Thomas, Customer Success Manager at Tessian; David Thomson, Head of IT at Stevens&Bolton; David Fazakerley, CIO at CTS; and Duncan Eadie, Head of IT Strategy at Thomson Snell&Passmore LLP to discuss what advanced attack techniques they think are coming next and how to prevent them; and how they’ve managed to downtrend inbound risk with a radically different approach to training and awareness.


内部观点:罗恩·弗里德曼(Ron Friedmann)向我们介绍了他在Gartner担任新的高级总监分析师的角色

Ron Friedmann is one of the best-known names in the legal sector, particularly in the United States. Formerly chief knowledge and information officer at LAC Group and before that a partner at legal it consultancy firm Fireman&Company, Ron talks to 律解网 Insider editor Caroline Hill about his new role of senior director analyst in the legal and compliance team at Gartner.






If you haven’t already registered for our webinar with ILTA tomorrow (19 November) note that the registration page has been amended to allow for non-ILTA members. Sign up now and come armed with feedback and questions in this inclusive conversation. This is an open opportunity to talk to us and each other, with an aim to come out of it with a strong, positive roadmap for 2021.




A new alliance has been launched to help universities and other legal training faculties teach their students about digital transformation, with over 15 universities across Europe and South America already signed up to the network, which is working with global vendors including Docxpresso; HighQ; Jeffit and Nymiz.



Thomson Reuters today (17 November) announced two new offerings, Thomson Reuters Marketplace – an online store where users can research and trial solutions before they buy them–and Thomson Reuters Legal 首页 – a central entry point to access your TR products and resources.


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